22 dicembre, 2009


Abbiamo intervistato We Have Band ancora caldi dopo la loro performance...

Did you like playing for our people in Milan? Would you like to come back?
We loved it. It was so nice to finally come over. Its really cool at the moment that its early in our life as a band and because we haven't even released our first album yet we tend to only get the most hardcore fans at the shows who have found you on blogs, compilations, mixtapes and from their friends etc and for the rest its a bit of a surprise. We'll welcome bigger crowds for sure but this is a special time. We will definitely come back.

Who is your favourite music video director? Which video you like the most in the late 10 years?
Chris Cunningham. Michel Gondry. Spike Jonze. Ok thats pretty much anyone who has ever made a video for Bjork and they're all on Directors Label! So keeping on that theme we'll say that 'All Is Full Of Love' is an astonishingly good video. But its hard to pick an all time favouritite. So many people have done great things for years. Price James is a great up and coming director who's worked with Florence And The Machine, Friendly Fires, Peaches, The Gossip. He just came to Dubai with us in November and did a little documentary style video for Honeytrap.

Who is your favourite remixer? Please tell us one you loved and one you think we will love in the future.
DFA are amazing. Fake Blood too. And Aeroplane. We like them all. Le Matos are gonna be big soon, they've done a remix for us for Honeytrap which we love.

If any Club NME follower would like to know which band in London you love more who would you chose?
Micachu & The Shapes are great. Pushing things forwards big time. Go and see them play.

If any club nme follower would travel to London for X-Mas holidays what would you recomenend him to visit?
Please make your suggestion for

a place to buy clothes = Dover Street Market has lovely clothes.
a place to listen good music = Bardens Boudoir in London. Where we had our first ever show.
a place to eat sweets = There are loads of good Baklava shops in Dalston on Stoke Newington Road.
a place to hide = Pure Groove Records on West Smithfield Street. Take a break and listen to some records there.
a place you simply love = Coffee Plant on Portobello Road. The best coffee ever.

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